Africa has Enormous Potential!

With 60% of Africa’s population below the age of 25 years, the continent offers a large pool of young, motivated talent. In the coming decades, Africa will be the only region with a growing talent supply: by 2050, 30% of the world’s youth (15-24) will be coming from Africa. Africa’s rapid urbanization is bringing larger shares of the growing population closer to better infrastructure, connectivity, and educational opportunities.

Why Did We Choose Ghana and Rwanda?

Population (Million)
Median Age (yrs)
1 -2
Time Difference (hrs)

Languages: English (official) with various local languages belonging to the Akan and Ewe groups among others


Population (Million)
Median Age (yrs)
0 -1
Time Difference (hrs)

Languages: English, French, Kinyarwanda, Swahili (all official)


Our Core Business

Our highly qualified and integrated teams from Ghana and Rwanda work with our local and international clients. By offering adaptable and cost-efficient IT/digital services we provide the necessary resources for businesses to stay at the forefront of digital transformation.

This image shows a software developer from Rwanda working on his computer

We Are Part Of A Bigger Picture

For most young ICT graduates, it is challenging to gain practical experience due to lack of opportunities on the local market. We place great emphasis on upskilling before placing our talent on client projects – this way we can ensure smooth collaboration as we build longlasting partnerships.

This image shows a man from Ghana, sitting at his desk and smiling at the camera

We Identify And Recruit The Best Talent


Partnerships with leading universities in Ghana and Rwanda.


Strict selection process, including online/in-person assessments.


3-9 months of self-paced training in tech skills in the areas of Front End Development, Back End Development and Full Stack Development – and agile project delivery.

Trainees work on Real-world Projects

The training ends with a capstone project to showcase the graduates’ capabilities:


Requires an 8-week full-time commitment onsite.


Comprehensive full-stack project with complete DevOps implementation with trainers from the Training Academy serving as scrum masters and (Senior) Associates from AmaliTech’s offices serving as product owners and clients, as well as code reviewers.


Project is delivered using SCRUM framework.


Employment opportunities at our offices in Ghana and Rwanda and continued learning on the job after successful completion of training and capstone project.

This image shows a man from Ghana standing infront of a whiteboard and explaining what he wrote

Our Approach Builds the Ecosystem and Creates Sustainable Growth in Ghana and Rwanda

We have committed to training 3,000 individuals and providing 1,000 jobs by 2025 as part of the UN Decent Job For Youth Campaign.

As a Social Business, Generated Surplus is Reinvested in AmaliTech’s Training and Social Impact Projects


We support children in the tech space through our Coding For Kids Programme and additional boot camps for youth and teens.


We support women in the tech space through boot camps and mentorship programmes.

We’re Impacting the Local Economy!

“ In 2019, a business moved into the office building across the street. Below the company sign “AmaliTech”, it said, “IT Service Company”. I didn’t exactly know what they were doing. But now I know many people who work there. They come to shop with me regularly. I doubled my shop area in 2020! I also built a storage room for my fruit. Just look around – the fruit varieties in the assortment have grown quite a bit. “

— Theresa

Foodshop Owner in Takoradi

Started in 2019 - Now We’re Here!


Start of operations in Takoradi, Ghana.
First cohort starts training at the AmaliTech Training Academy


AmaliTech Service Centre opens in Takoradi, Ghana. Collaboration with first European clients (eg., nexum)


Expansion to Rwanda – the first cohort starts training. AmaliTech opens satellite office in Accra, Ghana


AmaliTech Service Centre opens in Kigali, Rwanda. European clients start scaling their teams with us

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