How Do We Work?

We continuously work towards delivering high-quality digital products and services to our global and local client base. Our development environment allows us to efficiently and effectively achieve these goals: we work in teams following agile principles while combining them with carefully selected tools and the V-model to ensure quality.

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Our Quality Standards

We follow the highest international operating and security standards. Our industry certificates validate our commitment to excellence in service delivery, information security, and technological expertise, propelling us to drive global digital transformation with continuous learning and advancement.

Our Quality Assurance

Internalized clean coding standards, peer reviews, and automated testing are key to our quality assurance.


Clean Coding Standards

We have adopted and internalized clean coding standards. Common principles are core to our quality standards. We expect most of our clients to have their own norms and standards and ensure to adopt them as part of project onboarding.


Peer Reviews

We use pair programming to improve quality, reduce error rate, and enable peer learning. Our development process standard integrates code reviews before the code is committed. We use code walkthroughs as an additional quality mechanism and to ensure broad knowledge of the code base across the team.



TDD and BDD are core principles of our development process. Our developers are trained to write unit tests for everything they do. Our dedicated QA specialists automate much of the testing process with a modern toolset. To ensure full coverage, we conduct extensive manual testing in addition to automated processes.

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Our Professional Development

We offer continuous professional development opportunities for our teams.


In-house Seminars and Workshops

Workshops focus on soft skills such as communication, teamwork, cooperation, productivity tools, protection, and working with people with disabilities, etc.


Skill-Based And Technical Training

Programmes mainly focused on honing professional skills that will aid employees in carrying out their daily work duties – Programming, DevOps, Mentoring, etc.


Industry Certifications

Employees are provided with personalized learning experiences. Certification programmes on niche topics relevant to an employee’s role or client project requirements.


Learning Community

Employees can connect within the company, but also create networks outside the company. Internal platforms and events allow employees to receive and share best practices, knowledge, and experiences.

Frequently asked questions

It is a minimum requirement for our employees to have a bachelor’s degree in selected IT/tech-related fields. Prior to joining us, our Software Developers, Software Testers, and Data Scientists successfully completed IT/digital training at AmaliTech’s Training Academy, including an 8-week capstone project to showcase their technical capabilities. 

Furthermore, we are collaborating with IT partners in Germany who can provide the necessary support, if needed.

To guarantee a smooth project execution we have a set of tools in place, including Agile and DevOps that will contribute to an efficient implementation of your projects. Continuous virtual team meetings and the use of collaboration platforms will provide you with the necessary tools to stay up to date at any point in time.

We are very happy that you are considering taking on a project with us. Of course, we want to ensure that you are happy with the project outcomes and business process along the way. Therefore, we have incorporated a value-based pricing model.

We have incorporated continuous feedback loops to ensure that you are satisfied with your AmaliTech Services team, project management, and project execution.

Furthermore, our flexible staffing model allows us to adapt the team to your changing needs during the project.

We have various measures in place to ensure that your intellectual property rights are not infringed, including continuous technical monitoring of all data usage and transfers.

Your data will be distributed on an “as-to-know” basis. This means that team members will only have access to your data if deemed necessary. Furthermore, non-disclosure agreements will be signed by your AmaliTech Services team, prior to project start.

We are ISO 9001, ISO/IEC 27001, and TISAX certified, achieving the highest possible score. Furthermore, your projects will be handled on a secure cloud hosting server – specifically encrypted to ensure security.

As a multinational company, our headquarters of AmaliTech Services are located in Cologne, Germany, and our tech experts are based in Ghana and Rwanda, with offices in Takoradi, Accra, and Kigali. A maximum time difference of 2 hours allows for close collaboration with your team.

We have come to find that African and Western cultures work together very well, in terms of communication methods and values. The educational system in Ghana allows for our tech talent to acquire fluent verbal and written communication skills in English. Our diverse team is highly motivated and proactive in their way of working to ensure that you are satisfied with the execution of your project. Nevertheless, we offer intercultural workshops as part of our onboarding process to ensure open and transparent communication.

AmaliTech Services’ mission is to bridge the digital skills gap between Europe and Africa. Surplus, generated through your collaboration will fund network growth, local community support, and our AmaliTech Training Academy to empower the next generation of technology leaders.

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