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Our collaboration models allow us to provide the necessary set-up depending on the needs of our clients with regard to agile project delivery and technical competence.

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General Team Expansion

AmaliTech talent works closely with the client’s business unit depending on needed technical competencies.


Interdisciplinary Product Development Teams

End-to-end solution development by full AmaliTech Scrum Team. AmaliTech Project Lead works closely with client Product Owner to refine requirements.


Blended Development Teams With German Partner

End-to-end solution development by Scrum Team composed of three parties: AmaliTech, the client, and an additional German-speaking digital agency partner with senior expertise and consulting capacity.

Our Skill Set Is Tailored To Your Needs

We offer a range of technical experts in the areas of Digital Product Development and Data Analytics, as well as specific team roles to ensure smooth project delivery throughout the duration of our collaboration. Our business model allows us to adapt our competencies to the in-demand skills of our clients. Specific skill requests can be integrated into our training curriculum, allowing clients to build their individual tech team within a short period of time and scale with us in the long run: ensuring competitiveness in the market.

Together with our clients, we build products to drive forward their digital agenda and we create touchpoints between our clients and their customers through the use of specific platforms: Shopware, Magnolia, Storyblok, Salesforce Commerce Cloud, and Spryker.

Digital Product Development

Our teams craft intuitive and high-performing applications for various platforms. By combining user-centric design and robust functionality, we deliver products that fulfill clients’ specific business requirements.

Frontend Developers

Our Frontend Developers use state-of-the-art languages to create visually stunning interfaces with intuitive navigation, empowering clients to engage their audience effectively.

  • JavaScript
  • TypeScript
  • Vue (Nuxt)
  • React (Next)
  • Angular
  • Figma

Backend Developers

Our team of Backend Development experts make use of cutting-edge technologies and databases to build systems that allow for high performance and secure processing of data.

  • NET Core
  • Java (Springboot)
  • Node JS
  • PHP (Symfony/Laravel)
  • Python (Django/Flask)
  • Golang
  • C , C++ , C#
  • MongoDB
  • MariaDB
  • SQL
  • MySQL
  • PostgreSQL

Mobile Developers

Our team of Mobile Developers specializes in designing and developing applications for mobile devices using state-of-the-art technologies.

  • Swift
  • Object C
  • Kotlin
  • Java
  • React Native
  • Flutter
  • Ionic

UI/UX Designers

We understand the power of captivating visual content in today’s digital landscape. Our UI/UX Designers are experienced in the areas of Visual Design, Prototyping, and Experience-Design to craft intuitive interfaces for the end-users of our technical products.

  • Figma
  • Adobe Suite
  • SwiftUI
  • UIKit
  • And others

Quality Assurance

Our dedicated quality assurance teams ensure the reliability and quality of software applications through rigorous testing and quality assurance processes. With meticulous attention to detail, we identify and rectify issues.

  • Manual Testing
  • Automation Testing
  • API
  • Penetration Testing
  • Performance
  • Functional
  • User Acceptance
  • Mobile App
  • Software Testing Technologies
  • Cross-Browser
  • Cypress
  • Selenium
  • Playwright

Cloud and DevOps Developers

We empower businesses to leverage the potential of the cloud through our robust cloud and DevOps services. Our expertise in cloud infrastructure and automation enables clients to optimize scalability, security, and efficiency.

  • Cloud Deployment & Management
  • Continuous Integration
  • Continuous Deployment
  • Jenkins
  • Kubernetes
  • Docker
  • Github Action
  • Azure
  • AWS
  • Google Cloud

Data Science

Our Data Scientists enable businesses to unlock the power of their data. By leveraging advanced analytics tools and techniques, our experts derive actionable insights from large datasets. These insights inform strategic decision-making, fuel innovation, and drive business growth.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Our teams excel in machine learning and AI technologies, using data-driven approaches to solve complex business challenges. Our expertise in machine learning empowers businesses to leverage the power of automation, intelligent algorithms, and predictive analytics.

  • Machine & Deep Learning
  • Object Detection
  • Classification
  • NLP
  • Regression
  • Pytorch
  • TensorFlow
  • Keras
  • Scikit-learn
  • Theano

Data Analysts

Our team of dedicated Data Analysts use the power of data cleaning, web scraping, data visualisation, statistical analysis and hypothesis testing to provide our clients with key insights into crucial data.

  • Tableau
  • Power BI
  • Google Analytics
  • R
  • Python
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Linux
  • Geopanda
  • Gephi
  • SQL


We help our clients stay at the forefront of technology by investing in extensive research and development to provide insights into the market, their business, and additional crucial fields.

  • Questionnaire Design
  • Data Collection
  • Report Development & Evaluation

Team Support

We build and adjust our teams to meet our client’s needs. We provide Scrum Masters and Project Leads and follow Kanban and Scrum methodologies among others to ensure smooth collaboration.

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